Brandstofpomp Walbro 255L Subaru

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Walbro fuel pump Subaru

✓ Popular Performance Upgrade
✓ Replacement for Original
✓ High Flow 255 Litres Per Hour
✓ Genuine Walbro Pump

A tired, worn or faulty fuel pump can cause all sorts of engine issues in the Impreza, from lumpy acceleration to poor starting or even engine damage. Our Walbro 255 LPH fuel pumps are an easily installed fix and an essential upgrade for the standard or modified Impreza.

Walbro 255 litres per hour fuel pumps are a well proven, hugely popular ultra-reliable high pressure fuel supply upgrade and used by ourselves in our STI Performance Packs.

With age, fuel pumps can become tired and if your car is modified you can easily run the standard impreza fuel pump to its limit resulting in possible engine damage.

Cars running increased boost or remapped ECU’s would benefit hugely from the increased flow rate these Impreza fuel pumps provide.

Uprated performance fuel pumps are widely used throughout the motorsport industry in Formula 1, Touring Cars and Rallying as well as being part of the popular PPP upgrade.

Kit Includes
Uprated fuel pump
Car Model Specific Fuel pump fitting kit