Body  Brace.

During our R&D programme on MEB-platform, we’ve learned that whilst the body is very stiff and well reinforced around the floor area that contains the battery pack, the upper body is not so rigid. 

So, our beautiful Carbon Fibre Rear Body Brace tightens up the weakest point on the car between the rear suspension mounts.

The result? Sharper dynamic responses, with no compromise.

Part Number:  VWR810003

Confirmed Applications:

VW ID3 2020+  all models

Cupra Born 2021+  all models


What it does.

Modern electric cars like the VW ID.3 and Cupra Born built on the MEB-platform have a pretty stiff laser-welded bodyshell.

Up front, the MEB chassis is very rigid between the suspension tops, but at the rear there is much more chassis flex which negatively affects vehicle handling in cornering.  It’s bodyshell flex that gives the creaking you occasionally hear.

The new RacingLine Rear Body Brace solves this issue by locking the crucial hard points together. It uses solid billet aluminium mounts secured into the beautiful, ultra-stiff carbon fibre link bar drastically stiffening the rear of the chassis.


Increased Rigidity.

By reinforcing and tying the rear strut towers together, the brace helps to maintain proper suspension geometry under heavy cornering loads. Remove the bodyshell flex, and the suspension geometry can work as it was designed to do.

Despite the added stiffness, this improved handling performance comes without sacrificing any ride quality or introducing any additional noise, vibration, or harshness into the cabin.