Racingline VWR Monoblock Big Brake Kit 4 Pistons Audi S1/Polo GTI 6C/Ibiza cupra

Our new Monoblock Performance Brake upgrade for Polo, Audi S1 & A1, Seat Ibiza is packed with features, bringing a real sportscar look and feel in the braking department for fast road use.


All the power in the world is next to useless if your stock brakes aren’t up to it. Our Monoblock Performance Brake Upgrade is an ultra-durable braking solution developed exclusively for fast-road Polo, S1, Ibiza.

We’ve developed these brakes for street use from our decades of motorsport experience, and, as you’d expect, they provide outstanding stopping power again and again. Yet, all at an affordable price.

Our extensive development programme on piston sizes gives beautiful progressive pedal feel – and that’s because (unlike many) we only develop brakes for VWG cars.