Racingline Remote Washer Refill Kit

Essential for fitting the RacingLine Oil Management kit on Golf 7R and Audi S3 models!!



To fit our Oil Management Kit on Golf 7R and Audi S3 models, you will also need this Remote Washer Refill Kit.

Golf 7R and some early Audi S3 models have a different windscreen washer bottle fitment to the other MQB cars, with the reservoir located on the right of the vehicle compared to the majority of MQB models which have the washer bottle on the left.

For these cars with right-hand reservoirs, this is located where the Catch Can will be mounted. The kit replaces the top half of the factory washer bottle to still allow you to refill your washer fluid easily and neatly.

Included is a beautifully high-gloss filler cap which locates conveniently on the front panel using the bracket provided

Many owners prefer the appearance of our Remote Washer Refill  and of course this can be fitted without having the RacingLine Oil Management kit installed.



Meticulously machined

with the latest CNC 5-axis technology.

Complete fitting kit, including brackets

Polished, then gloss-anodised to stay beautiful for year after year.