Carbon Air-Intake for Audi R8 V8 Pre-facelift
This offered Carbon Intake is the perfect optimization of the air filter system of your Audi R8 V8, which is designed for maximum performance and also gives you an incomparable intake noise.
Also tested for performance enhanced engines and highly recommended.
In addition, it also equips its engine compartment visually with a highlight.

Technical details

  • More power and torque increase due to a better, faster and higher air flow compared to the standard air filter system
  • Increased air volume due to optimal intake capacity -> faster and more effective cylinder filling
  • Sportier and more aggressive intake noise
  • Greatly improved response
  • Optimal insulation of the engine compartment heat through first-class processed carbon from a trend-setting manufacturing process
  • Thus, the air is passed maximum cooled to the engine
  • Minimal weight due to high-performance carbon material
  • Product processing at the highest level
  • Very high quality optics by matt processed carbon
  • Ideal adaptation of the Carbon Airbox to the engine compartment of the vehicle
  • Perfectly developed product thanks to 25 years of experience of the manufacturer in the field of car performance and tuning

Suitable for
Audi R8 (Gen 1) V8 from 2007-2012 Pre-facelift

pictured Intake incl. filter and all necessary mounting parts

Oxygen is needed for fuel combustion. The more oxygen gets into the enginge, the more fuel can be injected, which leads to a significant increase in performance. The special design of the ARMA Carbon Airbox ensures that the available space in the engine compartment is optimally filled and the maximum amount of oxygen is made available to the engine. The cooler the intake air is, the more oxygen it contains.

The carbon represents the perfect insulator in the engine environment.

Note: The offered Air-Intake has no certificate and is therefore not allowed in the German STVZO!