The PERRIN E4 Equal Length Headers is one of the latest and greatest creations that feature newly designed collectors to allow for smoother flow which means even more improved performance and structural rigidity. Because of the revision on the collectors, this header produces a balanced exhaust flow from the heads which means improved spool, and more horsepower and torque throughout the entire powerband. Additionally, you will enjoy the benefits of the weight savings compared to the OEM manifold, and it can work with most aftermarket up-pipe as well as the factory up-pipe.

This header has been built with 1.5” primary tubing that is expanded to the port matched flanges, and is perfect for those of you making up to 400WHP.

Please note that the 2.0L EJ20 engines will need the 2.5L STI oil pan install kit.

2002-2005 WRX – Yes, requires oil pan with header cutout and oil pickup tube, and custom modification to the radiator line to the transmission.
2002-2005 WRX – Automatic Transmission Yes, requires modifications to radiator.
2006-2007 WRX – Yes, requires 2002-04 WRX oil cooler assembly and oil feed pipe.
2004-2008 Forester XT – Yes, requires oil pan with header cutout, oil pickup tube, 2002-04 WRX oil cooler assembly, and 2002-04 WRX oil feed pipe.
2009-2013 Forester XT – Yes, no modification required
2004-2007 STI – Yes, no modification required
2005-2009 Legacy GT – Yes, no modification
2008-2014 WRX – Yes, no modification
2015-2018 WRX – No
2008-2014 STI – Yes, no modification
2015-2018 STI – Yes, no modificationCSF Radiator with Built-in Oil Cooler – No
KILLERB Cast Oil Pan – No