Milltek SSXMZ145 Cat-back Valved / Non-Resonated – Connects to OE Tailpipes

System Number: SSXMZ145

Consists of:

  • MSMZ106 Adaptor to Milltek Sport Front Res Back or GPF/OPF Back Systems
  • MSMZ108 Connecting Pipe
  • MSMZ126Rep Front Resonator Bypass Pipe
  • MSMZ109 Rep Rear Silencer Replacement Section
  • MSMZ110 LH Tailpipe Connecting Pipe
  • MSMZ111 RH Tailpipe Connecting Pipe (Valved) {Re-used OE Valve Motor}
  •  MSMZ125 x2 Tailpipe Extensions

Pipe Diameter: 3.00-inch (76.20mm)