Particulate Filter-back OPF/GPF Back (No Cutting Required) System including Signature Series Titanium Axle Back System with T304L Front Pipes & Active Centre Section – Non Resonated (Louder) with Carbon Fibre Ovals


  • MSAU770: LH Connecting Pipe to OE Downpipe Flange
  • MSTIP295: LH Carbon Trim
  • MSTIP296: RH Carbon Trim
  • MSAU744REP: LH Front Silencer Bypass
  • MSAU771: RH Connecting Pipe to OE Downpipe Flange
  • MSAU745REP: Rh Front Silencer Bypass
  • MSAU746: Active Valved Centre Section
  • MSSAU100: LH Connecting Pipe
  • MSSAU101: RH Connecting Pipe
  • MSSAU102: LH Rear Silencer
  • MSSAU103: RH Rear Silencer
  • MSSAU104 x2: Cast Titanium Valved Outlet