Milltek Particulate Filter-back OPF/GPF Back System with Active Centre


  • MSAU772: LH Front Flexi Pipe (Connects to OE Downpipe Flange)
  • MSAU773: RH Front Flexi Pipe (Connects to OE Downpipe Flange)
  • MSAU774REP: LH Front Silencer Replacement Pipe
  • MSAU775REP: RH Front Silencer Replacement Pipe
  • MSLAM03: Active Centre Section
  • MSAU777: LH Connecting Pipe
  • MSAU778: RH Connecting PIpe
  • MSLAM04: LH Rear Silencer Rep Pipe
  • MSLAM05: RH Rear Silencer Rep Pipe
  • MSLAM06: LH Valved Outlet Pipe
  • MSLAM07: RH Valved Outlet Pipe
  • MSLAM08: LH Inner Outlet Pipe
  • MSLAM09: RH Inner Outlet Pipe
  • MSLAM10: LH Outer Outlet Pipe
  • MSLAM11: RH Outer Outlet Pipe