Honda CB1000R (2008-17) Half System Performance Exhaust

Our unique Twin GP Silencer system also includes a non-catalysed link pipe section.

Cobra Sport CB1000R performance exhausts are designed to deliver more thrills than factory. The proven Cobra Sport recipe of increased power, weight reduction, stunning visuals and the Cobra Sport signature soundtrack is the combination that will deliver an abundance of audible emotion to your CB1000R.

The Cobra Sport GP carbon fibre cat-back system is a transformational upgrade for the CB1000R, by replacing the bulky and weighty stock silencer the carbon fibre GP end can cleans up the rear of the CB1000R producing tighter lines and a compact finish that further compliments the naked attitude instilled by Honda’s design department.

The GP carbon fibre dual end can design takes performance to the next level by removing the catalyst in the standard exhaust system unlocking the maximum potential of the CB1000R when paired with an ECU remap, complimenting Honda’s single sided swing arm arrangement the dual GP silencer set up tucks neatly under the rider ensuring practicality isn’t compromised by its jaw dropping style.

These Cobra Sport performance exhausts are supplied with a removable dB Killer.

All relevant fittings are supplied.