You will gain a whole lot of performance with our upgraded brake pad set. These new High Performance RP700 Brake Pads use an advanced high friction material to provide a dramatic improvement in the braking department.


Drive your car hard and the chances are you’ve experienced brake fade at some point. That’s where our High Performance RP700 Brake Pads come in. A straight replacement for your factory pads, using the standard brakes, yet delivering a much higher resistance to high temperature fade.

Ideal for demanding driving. Perfect for fast road driving and occasional track day use. Yet without any compromise in daily driving

Designed for use with your car’s factory brake hardware – simple direct replacement fitment

Extensive testing of our RP700 compound has found the sweet-spot between excellent cold bite and high temp fade resistance

A key development focus has been around perfecting pedal feel – resulting in progressive braking with unparalleled pedal response

Available as sets of front pads or rear pads, with multiple applications (see below). Unlike other aftermarket pad brands, we offer two choices of rear pad, to suit either ventilated or solid rear discs.



Our key development brief for the RP700 pads is to deliver near-zero brake fade under high temperature use, yet without requiring a warmup period – essential for cars that have to perform in daily driving, fast road and occasional track use.


Our testing programme has been underway for over a year on road and track. The resulting medium hardness pad construction uses an aramid fibre compound that gives the ‘sweet spot’ of high performance and an unrivalled pedal feel underfoot.



It’s a legal requirement in most countries to carry ECE R90 certification – yet many aftermarket pads do not. Giving you the peace of mind that the pads will work just as well when cold as when up to full track temperatures.

For the larger OEM brakes on higher power models such as Golf R, GTI PP,  Audi S3 and Cupra:

FRONT:  VWR670006 // 340mm x 30mm front disc (PAD WEAR SENSOR INCLUDED)

REAR: VWR670007 // 310mm x 22mm rear (ventilated discs) (REAR PADS FOR ELECTRIC PARK BRAKE ONLY)


VW Golf 7 & 7.5 R 2013+

VW Golf 7 & 7.5 GTI 2013+ // Performance Package only

VW Golf 7 & 7.5 GTI Clubsport & Clubsport S 2016+

VW Golf 7 & 7.5 GTI TCR 2017+

VW Passat B8 2015+ 3G //  2.0 TSI (280PS) and 2.0 BiTDI (240PS)

VW Arteon 2.0 TSI 2017+ // 2.0 TSI (280PS) and 2.0 BiTDI (240PS)  *rear pads use VWR670005

VW T-Roc R 2019+

VW Tiguan II 2016+ // higher power models (2.0 TSI & BiTDI 240PS)

VW Tiguan II Allspace 2017+ // all models

Skoda Octavia III 2013+ 5E // vRS and 1.8 & 2.0 TSI
Skoda Superb III 2015+ 3V // 2.0 TSI (280PS)
Skoda Karoq 2018+ // all models
Skoda Kodiaq 2018+ // vRS, 2.0 TDI, 2.0 TSI
Audi S3 2013+ 8V
Audi SQ2 2018+
Audi Q3 2018+ // 2.0 TSI
SEAT Leon Cupra III 2014+ 5F  // Not for models with Brembo 4-pot front brakes
SEAT Tarraco 2018+ // all models

For the smaller OEM brakes on lighter cars, such as Golf GTi and other lighter & lower power models:

FRONT: VWR670004 // 312mm x 25mm front disc (NO PAD WEAR SENSOR – RESUSE OR REPLACE)

REAR: VWR670005 // 300mm x 12mm rear (non-vented solid discs) en 272mm x 10mm rear (non-vented solid discs) ( REAR PADS FOR ELECTRIC PARK BRAKE ONLY)


VW Golf 7 & 7.5 GTI 2013+// non-Performance Package only

VW Golf 7 & 7.5 2013+ // all other petrol models (1.0, 1.2, 1.4, 1.5, 1.8 TSI)

VW Golf 7 & 7.5 2013+ // all diesel models (1.6, 2.0 TDI, GTD)

VW Golf Alltrack 2015+ // all models

VW Golf 8 2020+ // 1.5 TSI and 2.0 TDI

VW UP GTI 2018+

VW Polo AW 2017+ // all petrol turbo models including GTI (1.0. 1.5, 2.0 TSI)

VW Passat B8 2015+ 3G // all models except 2.0 TSI (280PS) and 2.0 BiTDI (240PS)

VW Arteon 2.0 TSI 2017+ // all models except 2.0 TSI (280PS) and 2.0 BiTDI (240PS)

VW T-Roc 2019+ // all models

VW Tiguan II 2016+ // lower power models (1.4 TSI, 2.0 TDI 115 & 150PS


Audi A3 2013+ 8V // all models except Audi S3

Audi A1 2018+ GB // 1.5 35TSI and 2.0 40TSI

Audi TT III 2014+ 8S // all models except TTS and TTRS

Audi Q2 2018+ // all models except Audi SQ2

Audi Q3 2018+ // 1.5 TSI & 2.0 TDI


SEAT Leon III 2014+ 5F // all models except Cupra

SEAT Ateca 2018+ // all models except Cupra


Skoda Octavia III 2013+ 5E // all models except vRS and 1.8 & 2.0 TSI

Skoda Superb III 2019+ 3V // all models except 2.0 TSI (280PS)

Skoda Karoq 2018+ // all models

Skoda Kodiaq 2018+ // lower power models (1.4 & 1.5 TSI, 2.0 TDI 150PS)