DBA Street Performance Rear Brake Pads – Subaru STI (01-heden) – / Mitsubishi Evo / OEM Brembo Applications

  • Copper Free Ceramic
  • Low dustReduced NVH
  • Fast Bedding due to scorched finish
  • Consistent pedal feel
  • Compatible with T2, X, T3, XS performance rotors

The DBA Street Performance Brake Pads are intended for the driver who wants a brake pad designed to improve braking performance over factory-style brake pads but without the inherent harshness of trackpads. These particular brake pads have been crafted with copper-free ceramic materials that don’t produce a whole lot of dust to be an exceptional direct brake pad replacement. This brake pad can operate at temperatures in excess of 500°C while maintaining great stopping power.

These pads are for the rear location and they will work great with your factory, or with the DBA T2, X, T3, or XS performance rotors.

DBA blokken kunnen een lange levertijd hebben indien niet voorradig.