Aprilia Tuono V4 1100 RR (2021-22) Performance Exhaust

Our unique Tri-Oval and Comp-Ti-S performance exhaust systems both include a non-catalysed link pipe section and remove the O/E exhaust value.

The Cobra Sport Tri-Oval carbon fibre silencer with additional heat shield adds a more precise line to the rear of the Tuono for a more aggressive stance.

The Cobra Sport Tri-Oval half system allows for more power and responsiveness throughout the rev range, which when combined with Cobra’s signature soundtrack transforms the RR into the ultimate sport-tourer.

For the ultimate thrill seeker and those wanting to extract the maximum from their V4 our non-catalysed race system provides even further weight reduction with the Comp-Ti-S Titanium silencer completing the macho look of the Tuono and leaving this thunderbolt with gains to be made on the dyno in prep for any track day.

All relevant fittings are supplied.

Please note: the Comp-Ti-S titanium silencer is photographed with the removable dB killer inserted.

Static Sound Level (track test without dB killer)

  • OEM 93.0 dB
  • Comp-Ti-S 102.2 dB
  • Tri-Oval 107 dB

Static Sound Level (track test with dB killer)

  • Comp-Ti-S 97.5 dB
  • Tri-Oval 103.9 dB